What do you Expect?

LATAgroup is the stand-alone industry leader for waterflood in-situ surfactants IOR.  With our patented and powerful Max-IOR formula, you can expect more oil, more profits, and extended performance, ...all at significantly less cost.  Eliminate your H2S problems and increase your production with our patented MaxWell 2000 formula.

We think it's time you expected more from technology.  We're LATAgroup, and we provide just what you expect!

Benefits of Max-IOR

  • Superior recovery rates
  • Cost Effective
  • Sustainable results
  • Adds recoverable reserves
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminates H2S and iron sulfide
  • Compatible with any waterflood system

H2S Elimination

The LATA Group can use customized nitrate-based treatments for any system onshore/offshore reservoirs, pipelines, wells, surface facilities, and gas storage fields quickly and permanently blocking H2S production by SRB, and eliminating existing H2S from the system. And best of all, at a price that is a fraction of conventional biocides.

MaxWell 2000

  • Controls Harmful SRB
  • Eliminates H2S Production
  • Cuts Corrosion Cost
  • Sweetens Oil & Gas
  • Safer for Personnel

Stop wasting money to H2S

One of the leading causes of equipment failure in oil and gas reservoirs and producing systems is hydrogen sulfide (H2S) corrosion. These ,especially waterfloods, are heavily contaminated with harmful SRB. The result: souring of the entire reservoir and suface system with toxic, corrosive SRB-generated H2S and system-plugging iron sulfide precipitates. The equipment replacement and health and safety costs to combat these effects are staggering.

Contact our offices in Ochelata, OK, at 918-535-2147  to speak to us about increasing your oil recovery and eliminating your H2S problems.